Our Story

At Herbs & Oats All Products Are Made at Our Small “Apothecary Room” Since 2022.

The lab is located at a structure that operates completely with renewal energy and has a strong recycling process to minimize unnecessary waste and where we take care of all the details.

From our own formulations, which are original to the brand (we are not a “private label”), and packaging. We use botanical herbal extracts and colloidal oatmeal as they are ingredients with data that support their effectiveness and are gentle on the skin, all in a base of approximately 96% natural and functional ingredients. We carefully select the materials for the formula based on each document that the supplier provides us that contains various information about the ingredient and is where it shows relevant data such as the origin of obtaining the raw material, the manufacturing process to which it has been exposed to and how the final material was obtained. This is done before selecting the ingredients that specifically serve to support our ideals in cosmetics.


Deeply Conscious of How Our Habits Impact the Environment I Value and Seek a Process of Creating Products that Not Only Take Care of Your Skin, But For the Planet Too.

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Vegan Ingredients

Committed to source only naturally vegan, plant base ingredients, in a market over crowded with so-called “all natural” products.

When making the research, we read every document the supplier provides with a variety of information on a raw material and that have relevant data before choosing the specific ingredient we are looking for. We look for origin or source of the raw material, the manufacturing process it have been exposed to, and how the final material was obtained, as well as other analysis.

This ensures a right and conscious selection of every naturally vegan ingredient.

Reuse the Bottles

Offering alternatives to reuse your already acquired bottles with refills to reduce the impact the skincare waste creates.

Once you reach the end of the product, we offer you the alternative to buy the 8 ounce refill pouch for the foaming cleanser and/or for the hydrating serum mist instead of buying a new bottle.

Simply wash and dry the foam and/or spray container and is ready to its next use.


We encourage you to use the conscious and correct way if you decide to put the bottle into a recycling cycle.

Use the link https://berecycled.org/how-to-recycle/

The site offers a lot of recycling options and education to learn how and what to recycle.

I Am Wanda Ivelisse, Founder, Creator, Formulator and User of Everything Herbs & Oats.

For more than two decades I have bring health to people as a pharmacy technician by working in different scenarios and I’ve been a self-guided researcher of the alchemy of skincare. I believe there is an intrinsic relationship between the apothecary and formulation. And suddenly I felt called to take my skills forward and create in a new direction, so I obtain a certification as a skincare product formulator.

With old well-known and new exquisite raw materials I channel the energy in my work towards supporting healthy beauty.

The most rewarding part of my work is helping others discover their potential to reach the wellbeing of their skin.

Mission and Vision

With Herbs & Oats I Replicate My Passion for Care!

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Our mission is to capture the best of nature, combining it with new high-performance materials backed by science, in a formulation created with a deep passion for skin care.


Our company's vision is to embrace skin care solutions that we strive to strengthen, thereby helping people unleash their innate natural beauty, projecting self-confidence.